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Welcome to Samantha Lois Illustrations!

Thank you for your visit.


Samantha Lois Illustrations is a design brand focused on creating unique abstract art and accessories for you and your home. 


I created my brand post completion of a degree in Fashion Design and Realisation. Throughout my degree I often found myself particularly drawn towards the illustration and two dimensional design process of a collection/item, as a pose to the actual creation and completion of a finished garment. Collaborating and experimenting with textures and colours became very inspiring to me, as did the use of heavy embellishment and embroidery, giving flat fabrics a more visually stimulating appeal. This led me to creating unique hand-drawn and painted art pieces in my personal time. I aim to create timeless and one-of-a-kind art pieces and home decor, steering away from our current climate of 'on-trend or throwaway' fashion. 


My brand primarily focuses on producing intricately designed and visually stimulating abstract canvases and illustrations; ultimately breaking away from the traditional and obvious representation of physical objects. My process purely looks at the relationship between the colours and textures I use and create.


I strive to use recycled or reclaimed materials where possible throughout all aspects of my work, down to the postage packaging I use . 


In order to make my art become more utilitarian, appealing to a wider audience, I have released a range of wooden serving/cheese boards that feature my artwork. Keep your eyes peeled for more up coming home ware products and accessories, or why not sign up to my mailing list to receive direct updates!


Do you have an idea or colour scheme in mind? Have you scanned the shop pages and you can’t find quite what you’re looking for? Don’t panic! I welcome commissioned pieces with open arms! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, keep scrolling down the pages for an order/enquiry form! I look forward to hearing from you.







For all orders and enquiries simply fill in the mailing form below. Please include as much information as possible for example:

 -Art style e.g Canvas, Realism Drawing, Embroidery Ring

 -Preferable Sizing (For all abstract canvases a

price and size guide is available upon request)

 -Colour Palette and Preferences

-Any Special Requests or Personalisations

If you are looking for any ideas or inspirations,  please feel free to visit our Gallery. This page features past commissions and some of our favourite art works that have been previously sold.

Thank you so much for any enquiries made and I endeavour to get back to you all as quickly as possible.



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