Fruit and Leaves

About Samantha Lois

Based in Newcastle, the North East of England, 'Samantha Lois Illustrations' was created in 2017 by Sam. She completed the final year of her degree in Fashion Design in 2017 but post-graduation found herself more drawn towards abstract illustration and colour combinations; this led to a great hobby in sketching and drawing.


As curiosity and techniques progressed Sam found herself making large scale abstract paintings and canvases using lots of texture and colour which became very popular. She later found herself wanting to create art that incorporated a utilitarian design that could be used, appreciated and enjoyed by all. This is where abstract art through the medium of epoxy resin bonded onto serving boards began, along with a beautiful range of luxury home accessories.

As business has grown, so has the size of the serving boards which can now measure over 50cm in length! The quality of product is of upmost importance, therefore only the highest quality food grade Epoxy Resin is used (FDA approved), along with a sustainably sourced and beautifully grained solid Olive Wood. Every board that is made has been hand poured and finished to a very high standard and is totally unique to the next, making each piece one-of-a-kind and totally personal to you.

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Sustainably Sourced...

Samantha Lois strictly bans the use of any illegally harvested wood and has hand-picked a family ran Tunisian business to supply all Olive Wood products. This was the first speciality craft of their region and they hold equally high values to the sustainability of their products as we do.

All Olive Wood products are made from aged and fruitless Olive Wood trees which have naturally come to the end of their life.

Olive Wood is a naturally food safe product and doesn't retain any odours, stains or germs. It is also a very hard-wearing wood which means your product has a very long life span ahead!

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently on annual leave- All orders placed from 06- 15 May will not be shipped until w/c 16th May. Thank You!