Nebula Double Candle Holder, Resin Coated Olive Wood Tea-Light Holder


-Resin coated solid Olive Wood Tea-Light Holder to fit x2 tea-lights

-Measure approx. 21cm x 16cm x 1.5cm from longest point to longest point

-Care Instructions Provided

-A deep, ocean blue resin mixed with a contrasting white resin featuring copper glitter highlight, cured on Olive Wood



Our Olive Wood tea-light holders are a fantastic twist on modern-day candle holders, combining our bestselling display boards to make an elegant eye-catching way of creating an ambience in your home. They also make great gifts for weddings, birthdays and housewarming presents.


F E A T U R I N G 


Buy your tealight holder now and receive x3 free Bous aromatherapy tealights in the scent 'Lakeland Campfire'. A bespoke mixture of essential oils creating a smokey reminder of lakeside camping and sleeping under the stars. The natural properties will kill odours and purify the air without emitting harmful chemicals into your home. Find more from Bous at


Each tea-light holder is hand crafted from beautiful Italian Olive Wood; every piece is striking with visible natural grains in the wood, making no two alike. Due to the unpredictable nature of the fluid resin, the artwork created on the wood is completely unique to the next, therefore please be aware that the image above is purely a visual guide. This makes your pieces one-of-a-kind and completely personal to you.



The artwork one each one of our serving boards has been lovingly hand made and carefully hand finished by Samantha Lois Illustrations.



All of the wood we use has come from either a sustainable source, has been defined as certified or is recycled. We strictly ban the use of illegally harvested wood.



We use epoxy resin (ArtResin), which is non-toxic and certified as food safe by the FDA.




- Bous - Nebula Double Candle Holder

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