Ocean, Rustic Oval Coffee Table


-Resin Coated Solid Olive Wood ft. Two Rod Pin Legs in colour brass

-Measure approx. 54cm x 36cm x 43cm

-Care Instructions Provided

-SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED- Instructions Provided

-Inspired by the North East coast, the Ocean collection captures deep blues and waves of white.


By far my favourite product to date, the Olive Wood rustic coffee tables are the most eye-catching statement accessories available by SamanthaLois. Complete with their own two-rod brass pin legs, my coffee tables are sleek and stylish whilst being functional in your home.


Every table has been hand-made from the most uniquely shaped Olive Wood slabs in the studio which makes each one completely one-of-a-kind and personal to you. The image above is the exact image of the table available. This teable features a setional coating meaning your table surface has a section of live Olive Wood showing and a slight lip where the resin has been added.




In order to protect your coffee table for any form of damage in transit we must ship the coffee table as a flat pack which will require the assembly of legs when it arrives with you. You will be provided with the screws and all holes have been piloted so all you have to do it hand-screw the legs to attach and ta-daa! You are good to go!


The coffee tables are on three legs, therefore please be aware that if you choose to display medium/heavy items on your table it is recommended that you do so towards the centre or directly above where the legs are positioned. This is an irregular shaped three-legged table and some edges may support less weight than others.


DO NOT display your table near direct sources of high heat such as open fires or radiators, this can warp the wood and put pressure on the resin leading to cracks or splits.

Ocean, Coffee Table


    Samantha Lois Illustrations strictly bans the use of illegally harvested wood; therefore, every piece of Olive Wood has come from a sustainable source. Each Olive Wood table top has been hand crafted from aged trees which have naturally come to the end of their fruiting life.


    All legs have been purchased from the Hair Pin Leg Company- Made from cold formed steel and feature two metal-rods and are finished in their brass coating option.



    The artwork on each serving board has been individually hand poured by Samantha Lois Illustrations in small batches.



    Epoxy resin (ArtResin) is used to create the artwork on each table, this is non-toxic and certified as food safe by the FDA.



    To clean- Hand wash with hot soapy water and a damp cloth.

    Polish using a soft cloth and a small amount of furniture polish.

    Care instructions are provided with every purchased table.