Teal Sea, Rustic Solid Olive Wood Bowl


-Care instructions provided

-Measures: 33cm x 17cm x 3cm

-The Teal Sea collection proudly displays streaks of deep teal resin flowing between bright whites and clear resin with subtle iridescent glitter highlights. The colours drift and crash together with an ombre effect replicating a warm Mediterranean Sea feeling.


Hand-crafted from a single piece of solid Olive Wood, together the resin artwork and the grain of the wood create striking statement pieces that can be displayed at the centre of any table and gathering. Our bowls make both practical and eye-catching decorative home accessories and are the perfect dinner party piece, whilst also making beautiful table decoration when not in use. They make great gifts for weddings, birthdays or housewarming presents.


*Each bowl is hand crafted from beautiful Olive Wood with their striking natural grains making no two pieces alike; exhibiting a stunning contrast between the natural Olive Wood and premium marble-like resin finish. The image above is an exact photo of the serving bowl you are purchasing.

Teal Sea, Olive Wood Bowl


    Samantha Lois Illustrations strictly bans the use of illegally harvested wood; therefore, every piece of Olive Wood has come from a sustainable source. Each Olive Wood bowl has been hand crafted from aged trees which have naturally come to the end of their fruiting life.



    The artwork on each serving bowl has been individually hand poured by Samantha Lois Illustrations in small batches.



    Epoxy resin (ArtResin) is used to create the artwork on each board, this is non-toxic and certified as food safe by the FDA.



    To clean- Hand wash with hot soapy water and a damp cloth. 

    -Regularly treat using food grade oils such as olive, coconut or bees wax, this will help prolong the life span of your bowl by increasing the woods natural resistance to water. Care instructions are provided with every purchased bowl.

    -Resin cures with a naturally shiny finish making the bowls extremely easy to look after and keep clean.

    -Care instructions provided